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Panic - 16 Multiple Pairings

Blow Out the Lights - ficsoreal - Panic GSF - Medium - NC-17
Brendon makes a wish and Spencer gets turned into a girl - so they can all have sex with her.
Ok. This one is really kind of creepy, in the non-con way not the horror way. There are parts of me that really don't like the implied non-con, I mean Spencer agrees in the end but it's because it's the only way out and you really have to ask if that's actually consent (and by my books not really). The layer of Ryan/Spencer is nicely handled though and the angst at the end is great. It's not that it's a bad fic, or even a bad characterisation of Brendon (because if you've seen any of the more recent bandom canon we all know he can be a bit creepy), it's just it is kind of creepy. Hmm. Not sure how to rate this one - it's very effective but slightly uncomfortable.

2 Ryan/Spencer
All in Your Mind - stele3 - Ryan/Spencer, Spencer/Brendon - Medium - R
Ryan's not willing to go for what he wants.
This is a great story with an angsty Ryan and a clever way of interposing the story into the canon. The dynamic between Ryan and Spencer is fantastic. I really love the tension in the way this is written.
Expect A Thousand More - supergrover24 - Ryan/Spencer - Short - Adult
Spencer waits for Ryan too long.
It's not exactly angsty, and there's dubious consent, and it's kind of dark and sad but this is so well written and real that I was drawn in and wanted to read it all.

3 Brendon/Spencer
A Word that means "Home" - airinshaw - Spencer/Brendon - Short - R
Brendon kind of moves in with Spencer when they're home from tour.
I adore this story, seriously. There's the obliviousness from both of them, there's the slow intertwining of their lives and they're kind of married without being married and Spencer has to be told he's in love with Brendon! It really rocks.
May be naked now - disarm_d + untappedbeauty - Spencer/Brendon - Medium - NC-17
Pollen-fic. Spencer needs Brendon,uncontrollably.
I really love the hotness of this and I love the desperation mixed with Brendon's acceptance of what's happening. I love that they don't talk about it until Spencer's undrugged and that we never know exactly what's happening. Lovely.
Tell me to stop - airgiodslv - Brendon/Spencer - Long - NC-17
AU. Ryan fixes Spencer up with Brendon who teaches him about his desires. BDSM.
This is hot, of course, but it's also a fantastic romance and a great exploration of the dynamic between a Dom and Sub. The characterisations rock, the fic rocks.

3 Ryan/Brendon
Dance Upon the Waves - ignipes - Ryan/Brendon - Medium - PG-13
AU. Brendon has joined the crew of the Pretty Odd and finds them treasure to search for.
This fic is kind of cheesy and I didn't think I'd enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did. It uses all of the plot elements effectively and it's funny!amusing. The Ryan/Brendon subplot is fantastic and the whole subplot with the Ways and The Cobra and it's crack, the best kind.
Fight Club - spottedcricket - Brendon/Ryan - Medium - NC-17
Fusion. Ryan meets Brendon at Fight Club.
This is a really effective fusion and I adore the pathos of this fic - it's kind of a perfect what could have been for Ryan and Brendon and finding a way out. They're the perfect characters to fuse like this and the whole thing works so well.
The End is Only the Beginning - unpheonix - Brendon/Ryan - Medium - R
AU. Based on The Butterfly Effect, Ryan is able to go back into his memories and change things that happened.
I really liked The Butterfly Effect (Amy Smart helped) and this is a cool adaptation that works on making things right. I like the way that Ryan worked out what was going on and the way the two canons are combined.

6 Jon/Spencer
It's All Fun and Games (Till Someone Ends Up Naked on Buzznet) - shihadchick - Jon/Spencer - Short - R
Genderswitch. Spencer didn't realise that Jon liked girls too.
This is a cute story where they've both got crushes but think the other is straight. I like it.
Kick It Back - afterthefair - Jon/Spencer - Short - R
Jon and Spencer get caught on phone camera and have to deal with the consequences.
I really like the way this story unfolds. Spencer's dissonance is fantastic and handled well and it ends with a perfect moment.
Jon and Spencer Make a Porno - foxxcub - Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Brendon - Short - NC-17
AU. Spencer needs some money so he agrees to make a porno with Jon.
I love the awkwardness in this and the all business of actually making the porno. I love the way it all resolves and it's really rather sweet.
Tonight, I Feel Like More - battleofhydaspe - Jon/Spencer - Short - NC-17
Jon and Spencer start dreaming about each other.
Oh this is so hot and so sweet and so perfect!
I like my Mermaids Like I like My Coffee (Cold and Bitter) - tequilideas - Jon/Spencer - Short - PG
Spencer is a merman and has to return to the sea after being on land for ten years.
Can't Turn Left on Tuesdays - jocondite - Jon/Spencer - Medium - NC-17
Jon offers to help Spencer experiment with his sexuality in a safe space.
This is a lovely meandering journey with Jon and Spencer. I love the tension and the characterisations, I love Spencer's reticence and desire that you can feel throughout. I don't love the fact it doesn't resolve at the end, Ok, the end works but omg more.

1 Random Multibandom Jon/Spencer + Gerard/Frank
The Future in Your Pictures - imntsaying - Jon/Spencer - Short - NC-17
Like Stubborn Boys with Big Green Eyes - imntsaying - Frank/Gerard - Short - NC-17
AU. The bandom boys are at Grad school.
These two work as companion pieces for each other and they are both great stories. In the first Spencer is dating Mikey but interested in Jon, in the second Gerard has a huge crush on Frank. Both of the stories play out like a comedy of errors with misconceptions on all parts leading to love and hot sex. They leave me grinning on the fourth and fifth read, that's a good thing, right?
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