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Scribewraith Recs

~ a guide to good reading ~

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This community is designed to house recs for a variety of fandoms.

There will be slash (homoerotic) recs and some gen and het. Where a rec links to a story which is R/NC-17 the story will link (as far as possible) to any warning pages that the archive/author has included. How to find the story will be included on these recs. For these stories, use your discretion and if you're not of legal viewing age in your country don't read them.

You can find fics by fandom or rating through the memories feature or by clicking on the following tags for the key fandoms I rec in:
BSG Tag : Comics Tag : Crossovers Tag : Dr Who Tag : Firefly Tag : Harry Potter Tag : Highlander Tag : Jossverse (Buffy/Angel) Tag : Original Slash Tag : Pirates of the Carribean Tag : Regency (multifandom) Tag : Real Person Slash : Stargate:Atlantis Tag : Stargate:Atlantis AU Tag : Stagate:Atlantis McShep Tag : Smallville Tag : Supernatural Tag