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Shousetsu Big Bang Volume 15 Recs

The latest issue of Shousetsu Bang Bang (bb_shousetsu) is out. As usual there is a lot of great original slash fic to be read. This months theme is Pop! Goes My Heart and the writers have had fun with it.

My favourite, most amazing fic in this issue is A Voice in the Wilderness by Shukyou. This is the fic to read if you're only going to read one because it is exactly what an original slash/gay erotic story should be. It's about two music directors for two churches who deal with their queerness in different ways but fall in love anyway. The whole setting, the background characters, the slow development of their relationship, the music and their involvement in the church are all handled so well. It nearly made me cry *grin*. Oh and the characters are Hispanic and African American and the race is handled perfectly - it's understated but very much a part of who the characters are, like their queerness.

All This and More by shuua is about Levi and his best friend Johnny who are in a band together. I really love the pacing of this story and I love the way it all works out. It's a really fun story. One of my favourites in the issue.

Songs You Know by Heart by Dr. No is an aggressive fic about a wine seller and the boy that he picks up on the streets. I like the way that the characters aren't quite sure what they're doing there and the way that David isn't quite conscious of what's going on with Jasper. It's a very real world, adult story.

There's No Place Like Home by Newtypeshadow is a cute story about two best friends, Xander who's a rock star and Ethan who he's left behind to finish university. I really like the way that the author has managed to convey that Ethan's maybe got the wrong idea about what's going on with them. It's very cute.

Sakana Sara's Sympathy for the Devil is a clever deal-with-the-Devil story. The characters are cool and the solution at the end is pretty rock.

[instrumental] by Nijiiro Sumi and Music Capital of the World by Tougyo are set in the same 'verse intersecting slightly. [instrumental] is about Ryan whose best friend, Alma, is in love with his room mate Craig and she asks him for help. It's a slight comedy of errors and I really love the way that Craig handles Alma and the way that Ryan starts to crush. Music Capital of the World is another love triangle, this time between Austin, his girlfriend Rebecca and Vincent, lead singer of The Abstract Noun. I like Austin and his gay crush and I like the sweetness of the end.

Magic Comes to Alphabet City (and to Certain Parts of Greenpoint) by Domashita Romero starts with Elliot, geek boy extraordinaire, waking up with tattooed words on his body and ends with him falling in love. I really love the touches of magical realism, the point where the magic is just accepted. I love the characters too.
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