ScribeWraith (scribewraith) wrote in scribewraithrec,

Bandslash - My Chemical Romance

with (little tentacled) child - escherzo + mwestbelle - Frank/Gerard/Mikey - Medium - NC-17
AU. Gee is tentacled but Mikey isn't and when his urges get overwhelming he goes to tentacled!Frank about it.
Best. Fic. Evah.
This is unbelievably hot and it's tentacle!Waycest. Seriously, gah. The tentacle-porn is hot and Gee and Mikey's angst and it's just omg so very very good.
Yes. Go Read. It's good for your soul.
Tags: pickme, rps - bandslash
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Just a nitpick--this story was cowritten with mwestbelle and I'd like if she gets the credit she deserves too.

if you could change that?
hell yeah - it wasn't an intentional error ;) I really like mwestbelle's stuff so I'm surprised I didn't spot that :(

thank you for pointing it out!