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Bandom - 15 Multiple bands, Multiple Pairings

4 Multiple Pairings
Only After Disaster - 1001cranes - Ryan/Spencer; Ryan/Brendon; Ryan/Pete - Short - PG-13
Ryan has three personalities: Ryan, George and Ross.
The reality of DID/MPD/WTF they're calling it this week aside, this is actually more of a clever poly-story about choices and coping. Told from Ryan's perspective it deals really well with trying to make it work for everyone. I really liked this.
I Will Destroy Ryan Ross and All That He Loves: A Cautionary Tale - Jae - Ryan/Various; Bill/Various - Medium - NC-17
William (Beckett) vows revenge after the third time Ryan Ross steals the guy he's making out with.
This story is pure crack. Grinworthy-gorgeous-fannish-crack. It's probably not going to make as much sense without the background but wow it's such a fun story. And Ryan wins, of course.
Ghostbuster Famous - impertinence - Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Mikey/Frank - Short - PG
AU. Gerard and Mikey are hunting ghosts and find Pete and Patrick, ghost who are unwilling to leave.
This is really lovely. And funny. The whole thing with Pete and Patrick is great and the Waycest is pretty tame (I'm not saying it's not there but, a kiss really).
Human Behaviour - tigs - GEN - Short - R
Fusion (Human Behaviour Pilot). When Patrick gets turned into a werewolf there's only one place to go: his friend Bob who's a vampire. They move into a house where there's a ghost, Spencer.
If you haven't seen this pilot yet, do it. This story is a perfect adaptation into the bandverse and I'd love more.

The T-Shirt War of '07 - joker_and_thief - Bob/Girl!Spencer - Short - PG
Genderswitch. Part of the Girl!Spencer 'verse - Pete sends t-shirts, Spencer gets revenge and it all escalates.
I adore this. I adore the 'verse and I adore this story. It's just funny and clever and they drag everyone in and it's amusing. Mind you if you don't know bandom it's probably not quite as cool. hmmm.

2 William/Gabe
I'm Nicotine, I'm Coming Clean - adellyna - Bill/Gabe - Short - R
AU. Gabe has moved to London and Bill isn't sure what to do in Chicago.
This is an amazing, sweet story. It's just a fantastic meander that's a real joy to read.
Places we met - softlyforgotten - William/Gabe - Short - PG-13
A Five things fic with William and Gabe meeting.
This is a great set of scenes and I love the characterisations.

Like Crosses Love the Nape of the Neck - pearl_o - Gerard/Mikey/Pete - Short - NC-17
During the Summer of Like, Gerard, Mikey and Pete get together.
Ok, this story creeps me out. But it's supposed to, it's INCEST. Incest should be creeping or a hell of an AU. And it's hot, you know in that way some strange things can be hot because they just are even though you don't want to admit it. So don't read it if incest is a major squick, read it if it's a kink, that's what I'm saying.

A Horse with No Name - formerlydf/DF - Mikey/Brendon - Short - MA
AU. Mikey finds a boy on the side of the road.
This is one of those way cool slightly-distopic fics that you find in Bandom. You never know quite what's going on which makes it so much better. The disjoint works with the dream-like ness of the whole fic. Good Read.

Mikey/Alex S.
All is Golden - insunshine + sinuous_curve - Mikey Way/Alex Suarez - Short - PG-13
AU. It's Mikey and Alex's sixth anniversary.
This is sweet and lovely and romantic and wonderful.

2 Bob/Patrick
and weather in the heart alike - carleton97 - Bob/girl!Patrick - Medium - NC-17
Bob and Trish have had crushes on each other forever before they hook up.
This is sweet and I love the shyness and both characterisations. The supporting cast rock. Good genderswap fic.
Renoument - lovelypoet - Bob/Patrick - Short - PG
Futurefic. Bob and Frank form a band after My Chem splits up.
I love the kind of slowness of this which works really well for the malaise they're both feeling. The Bob/Patrick is very understated and the whole story is sweet.

Bob/Shannon Leto
It Starts With Penguins in Space, Or Some Shit Like That - Lisa Roquin - Shannon Leto/Bob Bryar - Epic - Adult
Jared and Gerard set Bob and Shannon up on tour.
This story is a fun read with a good solid romance at it's centre. It's a slice of life style story with lots of misadventures around the two sane characters at the centre. It's like the epic stories that you get from old school writers (HL, TS, Popslash) where it unfolds slowly and ends with most of the plots wrapped up. It's not fantastic but it's consistent and well written and a great way to spend a few hours when you're looking for something to drag you under.

2 Ryland/Alex
no party in a sad sad city - zeitheist - Alex/Ryland - Short - MA
During a game of truth and dare Alex has to tongue kiss Ryland.
Notes on Foreheads, But Also on Love - iridescentglow - Ryland/Alex - Short - R
Alex and Ryland leave each other notes like they used to in high school.
This is so much about this fic that's rather sweet. I like the pacing and I like the slow reveal as Ryland works things out. Lovely.
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