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Community Promotion: womenverse [09 Feb 2014|10:25pm]

Join us for the new wave of womenverse
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Community Promotion: womenverse [16 Nov 2013|05:28pm]


Join womenverse, a land comm dedicated to women in fandom. Apply for a team here and tell them I sent you!
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Community Promotion: beacon_hills [13 Aug 2013|10:15pm]


Where do you stand in the fight for Beacon Hills? Are you a proud hunter or a determined werewolf? Join beacon_hills, an interactive challenge comm for MTV's Teen Wolf and find out. The 5th Phase is starting and it'd be great fun to have some new member join in the fun.

You can either become a Hunter or a Werewolf, but both team are great and you'll have fun with which every one you are sorted into.

Apply here, let them know I sent you | Got a question? Ask here
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Community Promotion: womenverse [10 Aug 2013|09:22pm]

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Beacon Hills Land Comm [07 Jun 2013|12:18pm]


Receive the bite and become a Werewolf at beacon_hills and defend against the hunters.
Enter challenges, earn points, and gain the upper hand in the war for Beacon Hills!
Apply here, let them know I sent you | Got a question? Ask here
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31 Flavours: West Wing [05 Jul 2008|01:34pm]

I'm a real sucker for Josh/Sam West Wing fic and there are a few reasons. Sorkin writes great characters with great dialogue and energy and his 'verses (West Wing/Sports Night/Studio 60) are smart. It's always political, which makes sense because it's set in the presidential office of a reigning democrat leader. And really importantly Rob Lowe and Bradley Whitford (as well as the rest of the cast) are brilliant in their roles. Rob Lowe really surprised me, 'cause I remember his brat-packer days, and he brought Sam to life in a way that makes you forget that he was ever anything else - not many American actors are that capable. Sam is idealistic, Josh is broken and a genius and they're both really passionate about what they do.

You and Me of the 10,000 Wars by Violet and Ellen M is a great example of the West Wing world. They're dealing with the interparty politics, they're doing their jobs and underlying it all is this UST that just gets hinted at and then brought out into the story. The ending is understated, and while I'd like a little more, it ends well. When I recc'd this the first time I only gave it a four but I think I was wrong and it's a solid 4.5. It's got the politics that a good West Wing fic should have and the characterisations are great.

I've only got a few West Wing Recs so they can all be found in the memories with my other Sorkin recs.
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31 Flavours: DCU (Batverse) [04 Jul 2008|06:16pm]

Hanging Work by cereta is a series of stories set in an AU where Catwoman finds Dick on the streets when he is a kid and raises him to be her partner in crime. It touches on a lot of the Gotham history paralleling canon until just after No Man's Land but with a slight twist. I love that it touches a bunch of the other origin stories and corrupts them without Dick's presence in The Bat's life.

Oh and from the Hanging Work story, where everything heats up between Dick and Bruce and the whole resolve of their relationship, just hot and perfect.

My other DC recs can be found under the comic tag or in the memories under comics.
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DC Verse Recs [04 Jul 2008|03:51pm]

DC Verse
Drake - Esse - Robin/Kon El - Epic - R
AU. Tim is called on by his family to help save the world. He has to travel between dimensions to find someone who can hold the gates. Dragon!fic.
This is a crossover and it's kind of fun at the point of the reveal, it made me grin. But, all told, that's not the point of the story. It's an epic story of trying to find a way to defeat an ancient inhuman-soul-killing evil which is trying to destroy the DC-reality. It's a good read, with great characterisations, a sweet romance and a plot that you can get your teeth into. I'm not sure I want to say that it's perfectly written or that there are no plot holes -- it is melodramatic -- but I enjoyed it alot and would reread it happily.
From your memory to this instant; Or, Forensics - glossing - Dick/Tim - Long - NC-17
Dick recieves some photographs of Tim in compromising positions in the post and he tries to discover who's blackmailing him.
This story is a little fucked up, but in a way that's perfect. I'm not going to spoil it but the way the whole thing plays out and Dick's reticence, I guess, is just perfect. Tim falls in love and breaks up and Dick tries to save him and Tim's angry and it's just kind of gorgeous.
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31 Flavours: Entourage [03 Jul 2008|03:58pm]

When thinking about an Entourage fic to rec The Heartbreak Kid by Astolat is the first that comes to mind. It's not that I don't love pretty much every Entourage fic I've found, just like I love Entourage beyond reasoning, but there's something really charming about this story that makes me grin each and every time I've read it. (I'm also not sure it's my favourite of every story by Astolat/Shallot because I've yet to read something she's written that I haven't enjoyed.)

So this story starts with Vince seducing E on a whim and then Eric runs away. It's got great characterisation, fantastic banter and most importantly it hits all the right spots.

Hmm... The only other Entourage fic I've recced is As We Are, Or How Lloyd Saves the Day (Again) by hackthis (rec here) which is just wrong because I love Entourage fic so bad. Note to self!
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31 Flavours: Dr Who [02 Jul 2008|10:45pm]

Doctor Who Season 4 by Aria (ariastar) is an alternate season 4, obviously, written at within weeks of the end of Season 3 and it is utterly brilliant. It's kind of a what-if the Doctor managed to take The Master with him. There is The Master/The Doctor slash, there is cameo's from Martha and Torchwood and there are old-skool Doctor plot elements. It's well crafted and one of the fics that I think that everyone who's watched Doctor Who will enjoy.

My other Doctor Who/Torchwood Recs can be found in my memories or at the drwho tag.
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Shousetsu Big Bang Volume 15 Recs [25 Jun 2008|05:39pm]

The latest issue of Shousetsu Bang Bang (bb_shousetsu) is out. As usual there is a lot of great original slash fic to be read. This months theme is Pop! Goes My Heart and the writers have had fun with it.

My favourite, most amazing fic in this issue is A Voice in the Wilderness by Shukyou. This is the fic to read if you're only going to read one because it is exactly what an original slash/gay erotic story should be. It's about two music directors for two churches who deal with their queerness in different ways but fall in love anyway. The whole setting, the background characters, the slow development of their relationship, the music and their involvement in the church are all handled so well. It nearly made me cry *grin*. Oh and the characters are Hispanic and African American and the race is handled perfectly - it's understated but very much a part of who the characters are, like their queerness.

All This and More by shuua is about Levi and his best friend Johnny who are in a band together. I really love the pacing of this story and I love the way it all works out. It's a really fun story. One of my favourites in the issue.

Songs You Know by Heart by Dr. No is an aggressive fic about a wine seller and the boy that he picks up on the streets. I like the way that the characters aren't quite sure what they're doing there and the way that David isn't quite conscious of what's going on with Jasper. It's a very real world, adult story.

There's No Place Like Home by Newtypeshadow is a cute story about two best friends, Xander who's a rock star and Ethan who he's left behind to finish university. I really like the way that the author has managed to convey that Ethan's maybe got the wrong idea about what's going on with them. It's very cute.

Sakana Sara's Sympathy for the Devil is a clever deal-with-the-Devil story. The characters are cool and the solution at the end is pretty rock.

[instrumental] by Nijiiro Sumi and Music Capital of the World by Tougyo are set in the same 'verse intersecting slightly. [instrumental] is about Ryan whose best friend, Alma, is in love with his room mate Craig and she asks him for help. It's a slight comedy of errors and I really love the way that Craig handles Alma and the way that Ryan starts to crush. Music Capital of the World is another love triangle, this time between Austin, his girlfriend Rebecca and Vincent, lead singer of The Abstract Noun. I like Austin and his gay crush and I like the sweetness of the end.

Magic Comes to Alphabet City (and to Certain Parts of Greenpoint) by Domashita Romero starts with Elliot, geek boy extraordinaire, waking up with tattooed words on his body and ends with him falling in love. I really love the touches of magical realism, the point where the magic is just accepted. I love the characters too.
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Bandslash - PATD + The Cab [25 Jun 2008|01:37pm]

Everybody's Living Like They're Crazy in Love - welltimedsmiles - Brendon/Cash - Short - PG
Neither Brendon nor Cash realise that they're really pretty married.
I really love this fic, I've read it two or three or lots of times since I opened it, yesterday. It's sweet and fun and I love the characterisations. I love that everybody but them know what's going on and I love the way that it covers such a long period with things changing. This is so cool.
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Bandslash - My Chemical Romance [02 Jun 2008|03:35pm]

with (little tentacled) child - escherzo + mwestbelle - Frank/Gerard/Mikey - Medium - NC-17
AU. Gee is tentacled but Mikey isn't and when his urges get overwhelming he goes to tentacled!Frank about it.
Best. Fic. Evah.
This is unbelievably hot and it's tentacle!Waycest. Seriously, gah. The tentacle-porn is hot and Gee and Mikey's angst and it's just omg so very very good.
Yes. Go Read. It's good for your soul.
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Bandslash - Panic! At The Disco [29 May 2008|04:48pm]

But a Dream - dimmingdivine - Jon/Ryan - Short - R
AU. Ryan comes with the rain and Jon's not even sure he's real.
This is so lyrical and evocative and it's just gorgeous. Really you must read this fic.
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Fusion - PATD + His Dark Materials [16 May 2008|08:10pm]

Read Me Like No One Else (We'll make them so jealous) -foxxcub - Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer - Medium - R
His Dark Material Fusion. Panic tour with their Daemons.
It just blends the daemons and the touring and the panic canon and it's also really evocative and sad and lovely and sweet. This is one of my favourite fusions of all time.
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FBR + MCR [05 May 2008|12:10pm]

Taste of Blood On Your Tongue - soapbox_queen - multipairings - Short - PG-13
It's the end of the world. Nuclear Apocalypse.
This is a really intense fic - the kind of fatalism of a nuclear apocalypse as all of the different bandom people prepare, panic, deal with the apocalypse. It's short and it works so very well.
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Panic - 16 Multiple Pairings [03 Apr 2008|11:36am]

1 GSFCollapse )
2 Ryan/SpencerCollapse )
3 Brendon/SpencerCollapse )
3 Ryan/BrendonCollapse )
6 Jon/SpencerCollapse )
1 Random Multibandom Jon/Spencer + Gerard/FrankCollapse )
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Bandom - 15 Multiple bands, Multiple Pairings [03 Apr 2008|11:17am]

4 Multiple PairingsCollapse )
Bob/Girl!SpencerCollapse )
2 William/GabeCollapse )
Gerard/Mikey/PeteCollapse )
Mikey/BrendonCollapse )
Mikey/Alex S.Collapse )
2 Bob/PatrickCollapse )
Bob/Shannon LetoCollapse )
2 Ryland/AlexCollapse )
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FBR + MCR [03 Apr 2008|11:05am]

The One Where They're all...Ducks? - sunsetmog - Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey - Short - R
Um. They're all Ducks. Ok.
Seriously this is the best thing in the world. Spencer!Duck. OMG. And Gee!Duck. Ok just read it because I don't want to spoil and it's glorious.
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Fall Out Boy - Pete/Ashlee, Patrick/Ashlee [03 Apr 2008|10:53am]

Maybe it's the things we don't say - azurejay - Patrick/Vicky T; Pete/Ashlee; Patrick/Ashlee - Short - PG-13
Patrick isn't sure how comfortable he is about falling in love with Ashlee too.
This is like one of my new OT3's. This fic is perfect - it's a great Poly story because they are all in love and it's a V and they talk and work shit out. I adore this story.
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